Velvet Bag


Status: in possession of King Grol

The red Velvet Bag is the mysterious object that Ialantha Gladomain and her employer have tasked the Party with retrieving.  According to her story, the Bag was meant to be delivered to her employer by way of the southeast road connecting Easton and Waterdeep.  The caravan it was traveling in was attacked by Klargg's clan, the Stalagtooths, and the Bag was passed through them back to King Grol's fortress.

After following the trail of Grol, the Adventurers met with him face to face and revealed their desire for the Bag, and curious as to what such a sought-after sack might contain, he opened it, revealing what appears to be an unfinished pendant of an odd shape.  The pendant appears to be a shiny, nearly platinum-colored clasp that might hold a round gem piece of similar shape.

The last the Party saw of it, it was hung around Grol's neck.

Velvet Bag

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