Eyepatch-wearing leader of the Moskrew under King Grol


Race: Bugbear

Status: Deceased

Mosk is a Bugbear that wears a jeweled eyepatch over his left eye, and is a servant to King Grol, previously serving as the connection and goblinoid supervisor to the Redbrands’ operation in Waterdeep. After escaping the Nothic Gerald’s imprisonment and a merciful encounter with the Adventurers in which he learned their involvement with Grol’s affairs, he made haste back to his King’s stronghold to deliver warning that opposition was on the way.

After the Party arrived at the stronghold themselves, he was able to confirm their identity as the crushers of the Redbrand Gang, and was assigned to accompany them on a mission from Grol to execute Yeemik, and assume new leadership of the Stalagtooth Clan. After this, he took the express privilege to vainly rename the clan “Moskrew,” after himself.

During the journey back to report to King Grol, however, he provoked Xa’in, who retaliated and started a skirmish with the Moskrew, Mosk being the first casualty of the conflict.

Liked to gamble.


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