Barbarian raider of King Grol


Race: Bugbear

Status: Deceased

Raidmaster of the Stalagtooth branch of King Grol’s forces, Klargg displaced Yeemik as clan leader and ruled over the Goblins utterly, by sheer intimidation. A barbarian of great strength and rage, he was taken by surprise by the Party in the Stalagtooth Hideout, and after a fierce battle that nearly cost BoЯc his life, was felled. This fell in line with Yeemik’s goals, and upon learning of it, Yeemik decided to send the Adventurers to King Grol to request Yeemik’s reinstatement as the leader of the Stalagtooth Clan.

News of his death still yields shocked expressions on every subject of King Grol it comes to.


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