King Grol

Self-proclaimed "king" of a motley band of non-human highwaymen and raiders


Race: Hobgoblin

Status: Alive

King Grol, as his subjects call him, is an aged despot that has employed goblinoid tribes to conduct raids on passing trade caravans that operate on the main and side roads leading to and from the surrounding area of Waterdeep. Groups known to be under his control are the Stalagtooth Goblin Clan, and the humanoid Redbrands based in Waterdeep, as well as potentially several other clans in the greater Waterdeep area. He has set up a headquarters in an old, crumbling stronghold, far inland from the Sword Coast, and surrounds himself with a considerable force of troops of varied non-humanoid races.

The Adventurers have followed the trail of the Velvet Bag to his stronghold, having come into possession of it through his raiding parties, and it was he who revealed that it was nothing more than an apparently unfinished piece of jewelry. Incredulous at the amount of trouble he’s endured over such a trifle, he sent the Party on a mission to reclaim his Stalagtooth underlings from the traitorous Yeemik, in exchange for him not killing the Adventurers where they stood, and potentially returning the Velvet Bag’s contents to their original employer.

King Grol

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