King Grol sympathizer


Race: Goblin

Status: Deceased

A timid Goblin of the late Clan Stalagtooth, Jorbin was a sympathizer of Klargg, recognizing that to go against Klargg, and in turn, King Grol, was not the wisest of actions. He was turned over to Yeemik by the Adventurers, and was kept prisoner since then. After the Party returned, sent by Grol to retrieve Yeemik’s head, he was set free and became a part of the Stalagtooth Clan revived: the Moskrew.

This was short-lived, however, as during the subsequent journey back to report to King Grol, the Party decided to attack the Moskrew, and eliminated every single member, Goblin and Worg alike. Jorbin was one of the earliest casualties of the conflict.


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